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Why You Should Get Dental Implants

If you’re missing teeth, you want to replace them as soon as possible to avoid the onset of additional dental problems. You’ve heard that dental implants are the most natural form of tooth replacement — but can be pricey. However, your dentist in Roslyn Heights, NY, East Hills Dental Associates, would argue that the price is worth it for the benefits they provide. Here’s why.

dental implants in Roslyn Heights, New York

They Feel Like Natural Teeth

They’re called the most natural form of tooth replacement for a reason. Dental implants look and feel the most like your normal teeth. When you get dental implants, the color is matched to the rest of your teeth so no one will be able to tell the difference in your smile. Dr. Sousa can give you back a smile that looks like it has always been there. 

They Restore Natural Function

Other options for tooth replacement may not give you the stability you miss from natural teeth. Removable dentures can slip or fall out if the adhesive isn’t done correctly. Bridges that are secured to your remaining teeth may become less stable over time as changes occur in the jaw after tooth loss. This is especially true if those teeth have been impacted by infection or decay.

With dental implants, you get full functionality. You don’t have a restriction on what you can eat, like some other methods. You also don’t have the added maintenance that comes with something like removable dentures. Since these act like regular teeth, you just have to keep up with a normal brushing and flossing routine.

They Provide Extra Health Benefits

Dental implants can improve your oral health with significant benefits not offered with traditional options. They can protect and stabilize the teeth that you have left, as well as minimizing further bone loss. An implant stimulates bone growth in the jaw, preventing further loss, and causing the jawbone to fuse around the implant.

Technology has Improved the Process

With new technologies, the process of getting dental implants in Roslyn Heights, NY has become smooth and easy. With guided implant software, we can determine the best placement for your implants before the surgery. It’ll find where the placement of implants will provide the best outcome and you can see how your new teeth will look before the treatment even starts.

We also use a SurgiGuide® dental drill guide that’s customized to each patient. It fits precisely in your mouth and guides the drill based on the findings of the guided implant software. This link makes sure the precise placement found with the software is carried through in the actual drilling.

Are You a Good Choice for Dental Implants?

There are a few things that can disqualify you from getting dental implants in Roslyn Heights, NY. First, there must be a certain amount of jawbone for the implant to be placed. The dentist will evaluate you do make sure you have enough jawbone for the implants to work the way they’re intended.

Next, certain medications can make you ineligible. Some medications that increase the risk of jaw infections or suppress your immune system mean you aren’t a good candidate for oral surgery. Smoking is something else that can disqualify you. It can affect the implant successfully fusing with your jaw and may affect the body’s ability to heal.

Schedule Your Dental Implant Consultation

If you’re ready to learn more about dental implants, call your Roslyn Heights, New York dentist today or request an appointment online! A consultation with Dr. Sousa can begin your journey towards a new smile.