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Sleep ApneaAn Overview

Do you or your partner snore or wake repeatedly gasping for air at night?

This could be the sign of an undiagnosed sleep disorder that can threaten your overall health and well-being over time. There is a range of sleep disorders, all of which can leave you feeling tired and diminish your performance on a daily basis, but sleep apnea can also have a detrimental impact on your health.

Sleep apnea and its more common form, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can raise your risk of developing cardiovascular and systemic related disease or of experiencing a sudden heart attack or stroke. If you snore or experience any of the signs of sleep apnea, prompt diagnosis and treatment are important for restoring your health and reducing associated risks.

Dr. Sousa offers treatment for patients diagnosed with sleep apnea and OSA using an oral sleep appliance, sometimes called a snore guard. He works with patients on an individual basis to manage mild to moderate sleep apnea and can coordinate a diagnosis for patients with oral health signs and common symptoms, working with their general practitioner.

Common Signs of Sleep Apnea

It is important to recognize the common signs of OSA and discuss your concerns when visiting with us. These can include:

  • Feeling sleepy, groggy during the day, even after a “good night’s sleep”
  • Snoring loudly, waking suddenly during the night gasping for air
  • Dry mouth in the morning
  • Feeling irritable, moodiness
  • Difficulty concentrating

Am I At Risk for Sleep Apnea?

Anyone is at risk for developing sleep apnea or a sleep disorder, but there are certain key factors that can greatly increase your risk.

  • Being a male
  • Being overweight, obese
  • Having a large neck circumference
  • Being diabetic
  • Diagnosed with hypertension
  • Tobacco use, smoker

OSA is also more commonly diagnosed in older adults. If you are concerned that you may be at risk for sleep apnea, discuss this with Dr. Sousa. He can look for common oral signs and risk factors during an exam. Dr. Sousa treats sleep apnea and many dental concerns that his patients have.

Sleep Apnea What to Expect

If you are concerned that you may be at risk for OSA, Dr. Sousa will work with you to coordinate a sleep study through your physician. If you have been diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea and would like to consider an alternative treatment option to the CPAP, Dr. Sousa can fabricate a customized sleep appliance. This will fit and function much like a sports mouthguard, enabling you to speak and consume fluids while in place.

Most patients, when given the option, prefer the use of an oral appliance to treat their sleep apnea. Convenient, relatively comfortable, and somewhat discreet an oral appliance serves to reposition the jaw to prevent the collapse of soft tissue at the back of the throat. Dr. Sousa will take impressions of your mouth to create the sleep appliance which is worn nightly to improve symptoms, restore normal breathing and reduce other health risks.

Sleep Apnea FAQs

How can my dentist help me with sleep apnea?

Dr. Sousa offers oral sleep appliances for people who have been diagnosed with OSA or obstructive sleep apnea. A sleep appliance is less invasive than a CPAP and has a high satisfaction rate among patients. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and those will be used to fabricate your appliance. It will fit seamlessly in your mouth and help keep your airway open while you sleep.

Are oral sleep appliances comfortable?

Most patients report that their oral sleep appliance is very comfortable especially when compared to a CPAP machine. It fits just like a mouthpiece. The most-reported complaint is that it may cause some soreness in the jaw. Most of the time this will fade after removing the appliance in the morning.

Can my dentist diagnose sleep apea?

A dentist cannot diagnose sleep apnea however Dr. Sousa will help you get a sleep study scheduled. A sleep study is the only way to get a proper sleep apnea diagnosis. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, then Dr. Sousa will take the necessary steps to have your oral sleep device made.

Dr. Sousa

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