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Can Teeth Cause Headaches?

Have you recently been diagnosed with chronic headaches or migraines? Without realizing it, your teeth could be the culprit. Oral health and teeth or jaw issues can be directly related to headaches. Many times, people don’t think about the connection…


7 Bite Problems to Watch Out for in Your Smile

A “bite” refers to where the top teeth and the bottom teeth come together in the mouth. Dentists refer to issues with the teeth meeting properly or not meeting at all as “malocclusions” or bite problems. Bite problems are unique…


What Is A Same Day Crown?

Dental crowns are one of the most common procedures in our Roslyn Heights, NY dental practice. They are versatile and can be placed to treat both restorative and cosmetic dental health problems. A dental crown is like a cap that…


Why is Routine Dental Care Important?

Dr. Richard Sousa, Dr. Melody Ahdoot, and their dental team provide restorative, cosmetic, and general dental care to patients. Preventative dental care is a part of general dentistry. With preventive care, we help stop worsening dental problems with prompt dental care.…


Are Your Gums Healthy?

Did you know that gum health can also affect your overall physical health? The gums have two important roles that support both oral health and physical wellness. When gum health is compromised, it can have a wide-ranging effect on your…


Why Choose Dr. Sousa for Your Dental Care?

When it comes to choosing a dentist in Roslyn Heights, NY, we know there are many options. Dr. Sousa, Dr. Ahdoot, and our dental care team believe that we offer an exceptional patient experience and high-quality dentistry. We are patient-focused…


5 Ways to Fix A Chipped Tooth

Has a chipped or broken tooth made you self-conscious about your smile or made chewing uncomfortable? East Hills Dental Associates in Roslyn Heights, NY offers a full suite of cosmetic dentistry treatments to fix broken teeth and leave your smile…


Tooth Bonding vs. Dental Veneers

If you feel self-conscious about how your teeth look but don’t want to make a major investment in cosmetic dentistry, tooth bonding may be right for you. East Hills Dental Associates in Roslyn Heights, NJ offers dental bonding to patients…


How No-Prep Veneers Can Change Your Smile

As we age, teeth can show signs of wear and tear like discoloration and gaps, or you may have always wanted to fix that one oddly-shaped tooth now that you’re older. Many patients have considered porcelain veneers to address these…


When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Most people would probably agree that losing an adult tooth should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, there are some reasons why people need a tooth extraction, such as after an injury, deep tooth decay, or impacted wisdom teeth. Learn…