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Missing Teeth Roslyn Heights, NY

Missing teeth are more than just an aesthetic concern, they contribute to the development of additional dental problems. The prompt and effective replacement of lost teeth is the key to maintaining optimal oral health and natural aesthetics.

A highly trained dentist with a background in laboratory technology, Dr. Sousa works with patients on an individual basis to replace lost teeth with natural looking, comfortable dental restorations. From bridges to all types of implants, Dr. Sousa can meet your needs and goals with personalized care in our Roslyn Heights dental office.

Can Missing Teeth Affect Your Health?

Yes! Missing teeth can affect not only oral health but overall health and well-being. Initially, the loss of a tooth, or several teeth, may have an emotional impact on your self-confidence and lead to embarrassment about your appearance. Depending on the location of the lost tooth, eating your favorite foods may become difficult and your diet may change, possibly leading to health concerns related to good nutrition. Difficulty speaking clearly can affect your willingness and ability to socialize with confidence, or even to perform in your professional environment.

The loss of teeth also means the loss of a tooth root, which stabilizes both the tooth structure and the bone tissue around it. A missing tooth means that bone tissue in the area changes, leading to shifting of teeth and changes in the fit and appearance of the jaw. Over time, patients with missing teeth are at increased risk for periodontal disease, tooth decay, and bite related problems. Gum disease, a major concern, and a common side effect can also lead to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular and systemic related disease. Gum disease causes the gums to fail to provide an effective barrier for harmful bacteria.

If the remaining teeth begin to shift position, the bite is affected and chewing food can become more challenging. Patients also experience changes in their overall appearance as the jaw bone recedes over time. All in all, tooth loss and missing teeth can affect your health in many ways and diminish your quality of life.

Replacing Teeth in Roslyn Heights

Dr. Sousa takes a comprehensive approach to your dental care, taking the time to thoroughly evaluate your dental health condition and to gain an understanding of your personal concerns and goals when it comes to restoring your smile. We offer a range of tooth replacement options to meet your needs and Dr. Sousa will explain all aspects of recommended treatment for your consideration. We offer comprehensive implant dentistry, performing all phases of the procedure in the comfort of our dental office for a consistency of care.

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