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All On Four

All-On-Four® Dental ImplantsAn Overview

Imagine waking up in the morning with dentures and going to bed that same night, with permanent teeth. Then, imagine that it could be done without incisions or stitches, and the whole procedure is finished in only a few hours.

Teeth that do not come out but are anchored in place. A natural-looking and feeling new smile, just like the one that you dreamed of having again. Imagine no more because, for many people, this is the new reality at East Hills Dental Associates. Thanks to advanced computer-guided treatment planning and surgical techniques, Dr. Richard Sousa can provide patients with immediate load implant restorations. All on four dental implants are a restorative dentistry treatment Dr. Sousa offers to the residents of Long Island.

Teeth In One Day

The Bar Attachment Denture technique utilizes four dental implants to attach your new set of permanent replacement teeth. The implants used in this procedure are specially designed for immediate function and typically do not require bone grafting. In most cases, patients lacking the bone volume required to support traditional implants are able to enjoy the many benefits of a permanent solution to missing teeth with this procedure.

This technique opens the door to dental implants for a wider range of patients, including those who have been told they do not have enough healthy jaw bone for traditional implants. Using implants to secure a denture provides many benefits for both oral health and quality of life:

  • Stabilizes existing jaw bone to maintain the structure of the lower face
  • Minimizes risk of periodontal disease as a result of shifting teeth or an ill-fitting oral appliance
  • Restores the ability to enjoy a varied, healthy diet without restrictions
  • Allows normal, confident speech
  • No need for daily adhesives- your new smile can be brushed like natural teeth

An added benefit of the Bar Attachment Denture process is minimal downtime. This technique delivers the maximum results in the shortest time with minimal discomfort. Most patients experience only minor soreness the next day and can eat a light meal that same evening. In most cases, you may even return to work the next day.

All-On-Four® Dental Implants What to Expect

The first step is a consultation and exam with Dr. Sousa to fully evaluate your dental health condition, jaw bone structure, and bite function. Dr. Sousa will use digital scanning and diagnostics to create a treatment plan for the placement of your new permanent smile using a bar attachment denture. Comprehensive treatment planning is the key to a successful and lasting procedure that is completed in one day.

On the day of your procedure, Dr. Sousa will strategically place four dental implants that are specially designed for the immediate placement of your new denture. We offer dental sedation for patients who prefer it or who suffer from dental anxiety, making your treatment as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

After making any necessary adjustments for fit and comfort, you will leave our office with a new, secure smile that will look and feel great. We will provide instructions on how to care for your new teeth to avoid gum disease, damage, or discomfort.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are missing all or most of your teeth, we offer All-on-Four dental implants in our East Hills, NY and Roslyn Heights, NY area dentist office. Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Sousa. We will discuss your oral health, concerns, and budget.

All-On-Four® Dental Implants FAQs

How much is the All On Four procedure?

While typically less expensive than placing traditional implants, the cost can vary for each patient. We will go over your cost of treatment during a consultation.

Is All On Four painful?

Most patients are kept comfortable with a local anesthetic during the implantation of the posts. We also offer dental sedation for complete relaxation. We will discuss your needs prior to your appointment and have everything ready for you when you arrive.

How long does a bar attachment denture last?

With a good oral hygiene routine and dental care, your denture can last a lifetime.