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Tooth Bonding Roslyn Heights, NY

Tooth BondingAn Overview

Tooth bonding is a quick, simple, and economical solution for a range of concerns, both cosmetic and dental health-related. Today’s high-quality composite resin materials offer improved durability, stain resistance, and color matching for restoring or enhancing your smile with beautiful results. An experienced cosmetic and restorative dentist in Roslyn Heights, NY, Dr. Sousa can implement tooth bonding for a range of dental problems:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Discolored tooth
  • Misshapen tooth

An alternative to dental veneers, tooth bonding is often highly suitable for minor concerns, younger patients, or anyone not ready for veneers. Tooth bonding is completed during a single visit to our office and is practically pain-free. It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that Dr. Richard Sousa offers to patients at his Roslyn Heights, NY dental office.

Tooth Bonding What to Expect

After a consultation to evaluate your dental health condition and discuss your cosmetic concerns and goals, Dr. Sousa will prepare the teeth to be bonded by gently scoring the surface. This will allow the composite material to adhere to the tooth and remain stable after being cured. Your tooth will be sculpted to the desired shape and once you approve, cured with a special light.

Dr. Sousa will polish the surface for a natural appearance and make sure that your bite is comfortable.

Tooth Bonding FAQs

How long does the dental bonding procedure last?

Having a tooth bonded is a fairly quick treatment that involves very little tooth preparation. In most cases, it can be completed in a single office visit. Your treatment should last no longer than thirty to forty minutes and you can return to your normal daily routines after you leave.

Will dental insurance cover this dental bonding?

Dental bonding is considered a cosmetic procedure and most dental insurances will not cover it. However, if Dr. Sousa deems bonding medically necessary after an injury, you get it covered by your provider. When we file your claim, we will submit it as such to help maximize your benefits.

How long does tooth bonding last?

Dental bonding is not as durable as other treatments such as crowns or veneers. It will require touching up a few times before eventually needing to be replaced. Bonding can last up to 10 years if you take good care of your teeth and oral health.