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The Uses of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the most versatile treatment options a dentist can provide. It’s a solution for both cosmetic and restorative dental problems. Dr. Richard Sousa of East Hills Dental Associates, a dentist in Roslyn Heights, NY, explains everything dental bonding can be used in roslyn heights, new york

The Dental Bonding Process

Dental bonding is a simple, pain-free process that can be done fairly quickly at your dentist’s office. The surface of your tooth is scored gently so that the bonding material can adhere to the tooth. The composite resin is sculpted so that it fits your desired shape and shade. You can confirm it’s suitable before the material is cured. A special light is used to harden and cure the material. It’s then polished so that it matches the sheen of your natural teeth.

Discolored Teeth

Sometimes, traditional teeth whitening techniques can’t get rid of stubborn stains. This is especially true of those caused by medication. Dental bonding offers a cost-effective way to get rid of those stains. It can be color-matched to the rest of your smile and only applied to the impacted teeth if you choose. It also offers an option that’s less permanent and intensive on your teeth than porcelain veneers.

Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Cosmetic chips and cracks in your smile can impact your self-esteem. While they may not impact the health of your teeth, they can make you not want to show your smile off. Dental bonding can repair these issues, as well as more problematic chips and cracks. Since the bonding material is easily molded, cracks and chips can be filled in and shaped so that your tooth is its natural shape again.

Misshapen Teeth

Sometimes, a tooth comes in and isn’t the natural shape that you were expecting. It can be a sticking point in your smile that your eyes go straight to when you look in the mirror. Using bonding material, the shape of your tooth can be transformed. Using your other teeth as a model, Dr. Sousa will mold the bonding material so that you don’t notice that your tooth was ever misshapen!

Gaps Between Teeth

Gaps between teeth are a prominent cosmetic dentistry issue that people want to take care of. But many of us may not need something as intensive as Invisalign or braces. Dental bonding can be shaped so that it makes the two teeth bridging the gap a bit bigger. The bonding material is molded to look natural and the gap is filled by adding a small amount of bonding material to each tooth.

Dental Bonding at Your Roslyn Heights, New York Dentist

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