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Does My Tooth Need to Be Removed?

Tooth extractions are usually done for wisdom teeth. But your tooth may need to be removed due to other reasons. While we try to save the tooth whenever possible, sometimes there’s no way it can be kept in the mouth. East Hills Dental Associates, a dentist in Roslyn Heights, NY, explains when you may have to get a tooth removed.roslyn heights, new york dentist

Wisdom Teeth are Causing Problems

Many people in their late teens and early twenties get their wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Sousa or Dr. Ahdoot will use our technology to monitor the progress of your wisdom teeth as you grow. If they get impacted, they need to be removed. If they erupt, they may also cause problems. They can make your teeth extremely crowded and crooked, causing discomfort.

Your Teeth Need More Room

We may suggest that you get a tooth or teeth removed to help to create a more stable bite. Your teeth may not currently have enough room. Sometimes, we’ll suggest that the tooth be removed and then that you proceed with orthodontic treatment. We want to make sure you have a stable bite and that you aren’t caused discomfort because of a cramped smile.

Your Tooth is Extremely Infected or Damaged

Whenever possible, we want to save your natural tooth. But sometimes this isn’t a viable option. If your infected tooth is beyond what a root canal can do, the tooth will probably need to be removed. Damage can be caused to the tooth by trauma or other dental emergencies. Dental crowns can often keep a cracked tooth together, but not when there’s extensive damage.

The Tooth Extraction Process

Your dentist will examine the tooth extensively to determine if the tooth definitely needs to be extracted. If it does, tooth extraction can typically be done quickly and in one appointment. Dr. Sousa or Dr. Ahdoot will let you know exactly what to expect from the procedure. The area around the tooth will be numbed with a local anesthetic. We also offer sedation dentistry upon request or if you suffer from dental fear.

Once you’re numb and comfortable, the tooth will be carefully disconnected from the socket. The ligaments that hold the tooth in the socket are severed. In the socket, the tooth is gently rocked back and forth until it’s free to be slowly pulled out. Once the tooth is free, the area is thoroughly cleaned for a natural blood clot to form in the socket. Gauze will be placed over the socket to secure this clot.

Usually, you’ll be able to return to your normal routine the next day. We’ll provide you with aftercare instructions to make sure you heal up properly and prevent infection. If you experience any sudden pain or bleeding while you’re healing, call us right away. Sometimes the blood clot can break free and cause something called dry socket.

Tooth Extractions at Your Roslyn Heights, New York Dentist

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