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What Is A Same Day Crown?

Dental crowns are one of the most common procedures in our Roslyn Heights, NY dental practice. They are versatile and can be placed to treat both restorative and cosmetic dental health problems. A dental crown is like a cap that is placed over a prepared tooth to save the root and preserve your natural bite. If you have ever had a crown placed, it is likely that this was completed over the course of two appointments, one for prep and the other for final placement. In between, a temporary crown is often placed to protect the prepared tooth.

Using advanced CAD/CAM technology, Dr. Sousa and Dr. Ahdoot can offer the option of a same-day dental crown. CEREC enables our dental care team to design and place a beautiful, comfortable and lasting dental crown in one visit.

What does a same-day crown mean for you?

The ability to restore your teeth in one visit makes dental care far more convenient. The entire process is also more comfortable and less invasive. The results? Using digital imagery, there is improved accuracy in the creation of your custom crown and fewer adjustments are needed. The same-day crown process uses digital scanning to take dental impressions. While relaxing comfortably in your chair, we will use a handheld scanning device to “photograph” your mouth. The high-resolution imagery is immediately uploaded and available for planning the design of your new crown.

CEREC uses an in-office milling machine to create a new crown while you wait. The crown is milled using high-quality ceramic to your exact specifications. Once complete, we will place it over the prepared tooth and make sure that it fits comfortably. We want the new crown to allow you to maintain your natural bite so that other problems do not arise over time. The final step is to polish the surface so that it feels smooth just like your natural teeth.

How long does a CEREC crown last?

Your new CEREC same-day crown will last up to 15 years (or more!) with good oral hygiene and routine dental care. When you visit with us regularly for dental health checkups, our team can monitor the condition of your crown and address any damage or concerns right away to avoid losing the restoration.