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What Is The Story Behind Wisdom Teeth?

Majority of patients today know very little about wisdom teeth except that they are called wisdom teeth, they are often removed, and that they are unnecessary. We are going to give you some history on wisdom teeth, beginning why they are even named Wisdom Teeth with a useful Q & A below.


Q: Why Are Our Third Molars Referred To As Wisdom Teeth?

A: Wisdom teeth are referred to as wisdom teeth simply because of the time period of your life in which they appear in your mouth. They appear later on in your life usually between the ages of 17-23.

Q: Why Are Wisdom Teeth So Painful

A: There are several reasons that wisdom teeth are painful since each patient is different, each case is different. Here are some of the more commons reasons for wisdom teeth being painful.

  • Not Enough Room To Grow – Many patients simply do not have enough room in their mouth for the wisdom teeth to properly move in. This can cause your wisdom teeth to become impacted which can cause infection, and your jaw to become misaligned.
  • Infection – An Impacted tooth will remain below your gums and will continue to grow to cause possible nerve damage and infection within your gums.
  • Overcrowding – Your wisdom teeth are coming, and if they do not have enough room to grow, they are going to push neighboring teeth forward, causing overcrowding, tooth damage, and jaw pain.

Q: What Are Symptoms That My Wisdom Teeth May Be Impacted or Infected?

A: Multiple symptoms including:

  • Pain In The Back Of Your Mouth
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Difficulty Chewing And Eating
  • Redness and Swelling Of Your Gums

Q: What Are Some Treatment Options To Take Care Of My Wisdom Teeth?

A: There are only two resolutions for the outcome of wisdom teeth

  • There is enough room for your wisdom teeth grow in straight, and you will be blessed with an extra set of molars to eat and grind with
  • Your wisdom teeth do not have enough room to grow and will be removed. No need to fear, our goal is to make sure that you are comfortable during the entire process, so we will use a local anesthetic or sedation for the wisdom tooth extraction.

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