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What is a dental implant?

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What are dental implants?

You may have heard or read about dental implants, but do you know how they work and all the many ways they can benefit your oral health and improve the quality of your life?

Roslyn Heights, NY restorative dentist Dr. Richard Sousa explains the dental implant procedure, and why, whenever possible, he recommends securing dental restorations with dental implants.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

The first step in receiving your dental implants is a comprehensive analysis and consultation with Dr. Sousa. Like all dental procedures performed at Roslyn Heights Dental Practice, your implant procedure will be customized to your specific goals and oral health concerns. Dr. Sousa uses SimPlant implant software and guided surgical placement. This technological advancement has drastically improved the predictability and success rate of dental implants. SimPlant allows for more precise pretreatment planning giving patients with compromised bone tissue an opportunity to receive implants.

The second step is the surgical placement phase. Patients can choose from sedation options or use a local anesthetic for optimal comfort during the implant placement. Dr. Sousa will place the small titanium screw(s) into the jaw bone. The implants are left to heal. Dental implants can take anywhere from 3-6 months to fuse with the jaw bone. During the healing process, patients may be fitted with a temporary restoration for ease of chewing and aesthetic purposes. We do recommend eating soft foods while your dental implants heal.

Once healed, Dr. Sousa will custom design a dental crown, bridge or denture as you discussed during treatment planning. The dental restoration will be made to look like your natural teeth using high-quality dental materials. An abutment is attached to each implant and used as an anchor to hold the restoration to the implant.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

So now you know how the procedure works, but how do dental implants benefit your oral health?

The dental implant is a prosthetic tooth system that mimics the natural ingenuity of the human tooth. Implants support a stable smile while promoting improved oral health and near full function of the bite. Dental implant secured dental restorations prevent bone loss, stimulate natural tissue growth and reduce the risk of oral disease.

Dental implant secured dental restorations restore much of your natural chewing function. You will not have to worry about your dentures slipping or falling out while you speak or eat. You can feel confident you will be the only one who knows you have a dental implant.

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Replacing your missing teeth as soon as possible can help prevent the development of associated secondary dental and systemic health concerns. Dr. Sousa can help restore the function, health, and beauty to your smile for a lifetime of optimal oral health. Contact our Roslyn Heights dentist office at (516) 253-6873 or use our online form to schedule a consultation online.