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Cosmetic Dentistry Long Island, NY

Are you ready to have a healthy and gorgeous smile again?


Cosmetic dentistry grants many people the chance to smile with confidence again. If you find yourself hiding your teeth when you smile or not smiling at all, then you should consider the treatments we offer at East Hills Dental Associates, a Long Island NY area dentist office. Dr. Richard Sousa believes in finding the root cause of your cosmetic dental concerns. In the past, most dentists just corrected the issue but never took the time to figure out the issue was appearing in the first place.

Dr. Sousa spends an ample amount of time with each patient to learn about their oral health habits and the condition of their mouth, teeth, and gums. He will evaluate the fit and function of the bite in addition to the overall appearance of your smile. In doing all this, he will be able to discover and correct the underlying dental problems as well as fix the cosmetic issues that cause you to be embarrassed by your smile. He also offers many dental services to his new and current patients.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

There are many options available to help you attain a gorgeous smile. Dr. Sousa will use one or a combination of treatments to help you restore the appearance of your smile. This will depend on what your goals are, what your underlying dental issues are, and what your budget is.

The Cosmetic Dentistry services offer include:

  • Gum Contouring & Gum Lifts – The shape of your gums can have a huge impact on your smile. A “gummy smile” is a common issue many patients have with their appearance. Gum contouring allows Dr. Sousa to reshape your gum tissues. Even if you suffer from gum disease, gum reshaping can help remove the damaged tissue and stimulate the healing process.
  • Minimal Prep Veneers – The newest dental restoration are minimal-prep veneers, sometimes called ‘no-prep’ dental veneers. They are similar to porcelain veneers but actually require less or no tooth reduction because they are ultra-thin but still durable and strong. They are adhered to the front of your teeth to change the color, shape, or size of your teeth.
  • Porcelain Veneers – These are thin shells of tooth-colored material that are bonded to the front and sides of teeth. They are capable of fixing many cosmetic issues such as worn enamel, worn down teeth, uneven teeth, discolored teeth, or gapped teeth. Porcelain veneers require very little tooth reduction.
  • Tooth Bonding – Tooth bonding can actually be used for cosmetic or restorative purposes. It is a fairly quick procedure and patients can usually receive it in just one short visit to our Long Island cosmetic dentistry office. It is suitable for minor concerns, younger patients, or anyone not ready for veneers. Bonding is effective for addressing minor tooth damage and imperfections such as gaps, cracks, chipped, misshapen or discolored teeth.
  • Tooth Whitening – Teeth Whitening is one of the fastest and easiest ways to instantly brighten your smile. Dr. Sousa offers the Zoom®, an in-office teeth whitening system that can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in about an hour. He also offers take-home teeth whitening kits that involve a custom fit tray and professional-grade bleaching products that are safe.

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