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Are Your Gums Healthy?

Did you know that gum health can also affect your overall physical health? The gums have two important roles that support both oral health and physical wellness. When gum health is compromised, it can have a wide-ranging effect on your health in general. Keeping the gums healthy through routine dental care and good oral hygiene at home is key for the enjoyment of your best quality of life.

Do You Have Gum Disease?

Many patients do not recognize the signs of gingivitis or early-stage gum disease. Without routine dental care where Dr. Sousa and our team screen for gum disease, it can progress unnoticed until significant damage has occurred. Being aware of the common signs of gum disease in the gums and seeking prompt treatment could save your teeth! Here is what to watch out for:

  • Gums that bleed when brushing and flossing
  • Gum recession and visible changes in the appearance of your gums
  • Halitosis or persistent bad breath
  • Changes in your bite and how your teeth are making contact

These are early warning signs and if addressed can often be resolved with conservative dental care. Once there are noticeable pockets forming around the tooth roots or teeth appear to be shifting, there is likely advanced disease. There may be a need for more invasive dental care to restore the health of your gums and the stability of your teeth.

Gums & the Mouth-Body Connection

One of the important functions of the gums is to serve as a barrier between our mouth and our bloodstream. The gums keep harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream and also support healthy tooth structure. When the gums become compromised by gum disease, they begin to lose their effectiveness as bacteria degrade tissue and expose tooth roots. If bacteria are able to enter the bloodstream it can set off an inflammatory response that increases the risk for other illnesses and conditions. Conversely, there are medical conditions that can impact gum health. Poor oral health has been shown to affect the immune system, heart health and overall wellness.

Been Away From the Dentist?

If you would like to restore your oral health, we welcome you to contact our Roslyn Heights dentist office. Dr. Sousa takes a personalized approach to patient care and can work with you to address your needs in a compassionate manner.