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Dental Fillings: FAQs

Dental fillings for cavities are something that people commonly end up going to the dentist for at least once in their lives. But what do you need to know about dental fillings before you head to your dentist in Roslyn Heights, NY? Dr. Richard Sousa, of East Hills Dental Associates, answers the frequently asked questions about dental fillings and the process.roslyn heights new york dentist

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Fillings

Question: Why are dental fillings needed?

Answer: Dental fillings are used for both minor tooth decay and mild damage to the tooth. They help restore your tooth to its former strength, as well as improve your oral health. When a cavity is filled, there’s usually a hollow opening now in the tooth. Fillings will fill it, or a crack or break in the tooth, to prevent further decay or breakage, as well as increase stability.

Question: What are dental fillings made out of?

Answer: While many older fillings were made with mercury and other metals, East Hills Dental Associates only uses dental ceramic or a composite resin. These are called white fillings and are safer and more durable than silver fillings. These restorations can handle a more advanced level of decay and are able to replace more of your tooth if it’s compromised.

Silver fillings are liable to break or split with age. They can stain your teeth and gums, leak, corrode, or wear or break at the edges. This means that tooth decay can take over again and isn’t prevented by the filling. With white fillings, they wear down as natural teeth would. You don’t have to worry about them breaking unless you bite down on something hard, similar to your normal teeth.

Question: What’s the process of getting a dental filling?

Answer: The process is different depending on the severity of the tooth decay. If you’re getting a simple filling for a mild case, it can be done in one visit to our office. Dr. Sousa will numb the area with a local anesthetic. Then, your tooth is thoroughly and carefully cleaned to remove all of the decay. Your Roslyn Heights, New York dentist will take care to remove as little of your tooth structure as possible when removing the decay.

If you’re getting a bigger procedure, like an inlay or onlay, two trips to our office will be necessary. A dental impression is taken so that a custom restoration will be made. This is needed when you have a large cavity or the integrity of your tooth is compromised. Once your restoration is created, we’ll place it at our office. Dr. Sousa will ensure that it fits and is ideal for your filling.

Question: Can I get my old silver fillings replaced?

Answer: Yes! East Hills Dental Associates offers this service. It’s similar to getting an inlay or onlay. During the first appointment, your silver filling and any additional decay will be removed. An impression is taken and a custom restoration is made to fill the area. We’ll give you a temporary onlay until it’s ready.

When it is, we’ll have you come back into the office. We prep your tooth with a conditioning gel for the new onlay. It’s then bonded with composite resin to your tooth. Your new onlay is set!

Dental Fillings at Your Roslyn Heights, New York Dentist

At East Hills Dental Associates, we’re ready to assist you with the latest technology in dental fillings. Call us today or schedule an appointment online!