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What to Know About All-on-Four Implants

A successful advance in dental technology, All-on-Four implants can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. At East Hills Dental Associates, your dentist in Roslyn Heights, NY, we’re proud to provide an easy, quality option to replace missing teeth. Dr. Richard Sousa explains everything you need to know about All-on-Four implants and what to expect from them.

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What are All-on-Four Implants?

All-on-Four is a technique that combines a denture with dental implants. Four implants are placed into your jaw, with a bar attachment denture that attaches to the implants. This advanced treatment uses computer software to analyze the perfect points to place your implants. Dr. Sousa also utilizes the latest surgical techniques to make the process smooth.

What are the Benefits of All-on-Four Compared to Traditional Dentures?

The best part of All-on-Four is the added stability that you don’t get with traditional dentures. You don’t have to use any adhesives to keep your teeth in place. Since they lock into the implants, you’re able to feel confident speaking and eating foods you may not have been able to before

Dental implants also offer the added perk of helping to restore bone loss. If you have a sagging face due to bone loss from missing teeth, getting dental implants can help stimulate jawbone growth

Ill-fitting traditional dentures or other restoration methods may cause irritation to the soft tissues of your mouth. They tend to shift and move in your mouth. This leads to an increased risk of gum disease. With devices that don’t fit, they’re more likely to scrape up your gums and allow bacteria to get into your bloodstream.

What Can I Expect From the All-on-Four Process?

Before you can jump right into the procedure, Dr. Sousa will have to do an evaluation. He’ll take a look at your overall oral health, your bite, and the structure of your jawbone. Using the latest dental technology, he’ll take scans of your mouth and identify the best places to put your implants for optimal results

Unlike some traditional dental implants, bone grafting isn’t necessary for All-on-Four. If you’ve been told that you don’t have enough bone for traditional dental implants, All-on-Four could be the solution for you.

On the day of the procedure, four dental implants will be placed into your jawbone. While local anesthesia is always used, you can opt for more sedation if you’re nervous or worried about getting the procedure. 

Luckily, all of this is done in one day. You’ll be able to leave the office that day with the brand new smile you’ve been waiting for. In many cases, you’re free to be back to work the next day. Downtime is minimal and you should only have some soreness for a couple of days after the procedure. If you keep up the care of your new smile, this restoration should last a lifetime!

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