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Getting the Facts About Root Canals

root canal dentist Roslyn Heights NYRoot canals often have a bad reputation among people who have never had one before. However, this reputation is misleading and undeserved. The truth is that the root canal procedure is a safe, effective and routine treatment that can help restore your oral health and prevent the need for more invasive measures. Patients who have experienced them typically report feeling little to no discomfort from the procedure.

Dr. Richard Sousa is an experienced and highly skilled dentist who strives to educate his patient about all aspects of their treatments, including root canals. Learning about why this treatment may be necessary and how it is performed may help you feel come more relaxed and comfortable with the procedure.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

A root canal is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to preserve a tooth that is severely decayed, damaged or otherwise compromised; this is often the result of an infection in the root canals that anchor teeth to your gum tissue and jaw bones. If left untreated, a tooth can eventually decay to the point that it must be removed. Undergoing a root canal can help you avoid losing your tooth entirely.

What Will Happen During My Root Canal?

Before beginning your root canal, Dr. Sousa will help you get comfortable by using a local anesthetic or one of several sedation dentistry options. In order to keep the tooth being treated dry and clean, the surrounding area will be covered with a thin latex sheet, known as a dental dam.  Then Dr. Sousa will start the procedure by drilling a small hole in the back of your tooth. Through this hole, he can carefully remove the damaged and infected tissue. The tooth is then thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and filled with a high-quality, biocompatible material. As a final step, the tooth is sealed to prevent future decay or infection.

After your root canal, you may experience increased sensitivity for a few days. Dr. Sousa can recommend ways to deal with this increased sensitivity. In many cases, it is recommended that a dental crown be placed over your tooth later to provide a more lasting result.

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If you are experiencing tooth pain, Dr. Sousa can perform a comprehensive examination and recommend treatment options to relieve discomfort and restore your oral health. To schedule an appointment, call (516) 253-6873 or schedule an appointment online.